Zig Zag

A free and simple yet addictive game like Zig Zag will be one perfect choice if you are searching all nook and cranny for a lovely gaming selection like this. It's the simple arcade game in which the players need to control the direction of the ball to make sure that it doesn't fall off the edge.

The path will change so abruptly that it might feel a bit difficult to navigate at the beginning. But as you move up new levels and conquer more stage, you will learn the sense of estimating the timing. It's best to start changing a few seconds before the ball reaches the edge.

Or do it your way for a little more challenging experience! If you love a fast-paced arcade game, the fast mode of the game at http://frivclassic.net/ can also satisfy you. Since the game has only one rolling ball, you can totally focus on maneuvering it. Nobody knows when the curve of the road will come, therefore, it's essential to be alert all the time.

Of course, in this type of game, the ultimate goal is not only to beat your own previous record but to score the best on the Leaderboard and push the other opponents off the chart. Practice and find out how long it takes you to master other ball game like Chubby Birds and Soap Cutting

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the game screen to change the direction of the ball.