Night Slaughter

Night Slaughter is an online zombie shooting game which you can play on friv action games for free. The citizens heard the heartbreaking screams continued all night but none of them dare to go out to check. In the after morning, you go out the street and realize that the massacre covers your peaceful city and it is full of blood and piled with corpses. The hungry zombies are still crawling towards you and continue destroying the area. Your mission is to avenge for the fallen by using your shooting and fighting skills.

Before entering the bloody war, hurry up to pick up the weapons and bullets lying right in front you on the ground. There are various weapons for you to choose such as the shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, revolvers and so on. You have 10 seconds to prepare your weapons and get ready on friv games for kids. Your enemies are the bunches of hungry zombies. They are brutal and strong, so you must act fast to shoot them and don’t let them approach you or they will attack and kill you easily.

The monsters appear wave by wave, you must be careful to work hard to dispatch each monster before you can progress to the next wave. Your health status can be seen on the screen. In the beginning it is 100 and as you get injured, it decreases gradually. You lose the game when it goes down to zero.

Don’t stay in one place for too long and you have a short period of time to use as a respite at the end of each round. Take advantage of this time to find new weapons and bullets and prepare for the new wave. Attempt to survive until eliminating all the awful zombies.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, 1 to 9 key to change weapon, Left click to shoot, F to pick up the item, Right click to scope-up, C to change the camera view, and Spacebar to jump.