Real Bottle Shooter Game

Another fun game with the best updates and challenges for the fans of Friv shooting games is here! Have you tried out Real Bottle Shooter Game yet? It's a simple shooting game in which the players' full set of skills, including the aiming and shooting skills will become helpful. More than just any ordinary shooting game, the challenges in this one have come up a notch.

You will be in charge of both breaking the bottles with your good shooting expertise and keeping track of them as they move around. A wide range of levels, each with its special effect and difficulty level, awaits the best shooters here at friv at school For beginners, it might be hard to clear all the targets while using just a limited number of bullets at first.

After a few turns, you will get the gist of this game and master it! Our tip for you is to aim a few centimeters before the bottle reaches the spot. This will allow the bullets to travel to the aiming spot in time. This game also has an individual Leaderboard. Will your scores be high enough to be displayed on such prestigious rank? You only need the mouse to control the gun movements, therefore, it's easy for little kids to grasp the basics.

Take advantage of the binocular for better aiming. Keep practicing your shooting techniques with our variety of new games such as Archer Master 3d: Castle Defence and Boss Level

Instruction to play:

Aim and shoot using the mouse cursor.