With the most simplistic graphic style, 2D game art animation, and a condensed platform, Ballio managed to bring tons of fun time to the players at Friv land with its interesting gameplay! If you are crazy about finding a quick way to solve the puzzles, this unique puzzle game will take your experience to another level. Don't be scared if you haven't tried this genre before because we provide the detailed tutorial for the new-comers right here!

All you have to do is to use the scattered balls on the map to get rid of the others. You can pass a level and move onto the next one when you push all the white balls from the map and leave one ball only.

However, the hard part is that you have to take advantage of the grid to push the ball in diagonal or horizontal directions only. Moving in the hexagonal direction is impossible, which poses more challenges for the players. The most usual movements that you can use is to shoot all the balls from the playing field following the gridlines to make it more precise.

Another rule of the game at is that whenever the controlled ball hits any balls, it will stop behind them immediately. Calculate carefully to win the game and move onto other fun games like and

Instruction to play:

Drag and release the mouse to shoot the balls on the grid.