Afterlife: The Game

Afterlife: The Game is the latest funny game which allows you to play on friv games for free. It is the follow-on to the title from the original and thought-to provoke Life: The Game. In the previous version, you have progressed through life and your last life is gone. Thus, in this installment,  you are now stuck in the afterlife as a wandering ghost. Before you can finally go through those pearly gates into heaven, you must complete various challenges!

There are many fun and hilarious minigames with the different missions. You must finish different tasks both in the real world and the ghost world. Firstly, you need to avoid all the obstacles such as the poisonous trees, the spiders or other objects while flying in the sky. After that, you see your wife, she is sitting on the chair and knitting. Your next mission is to protect her from many harmful things including the bad man, shit, hedgehog, knife and so on in friv best games.

The, revenge your enemies and interact with other ghosts in the spirit world. There is a range of interesting activities. You can also take part in a large party with your friends and register in many competitions to gain the championship. After completing various missions, you can see 2 roads: one leads you to the hell and one brings you to the heaven. Choose the right way and you can reach your destination.

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Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse button to play.