Fireman Frenzy

Fireman Frenzy

Date added: 12/07/2022

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The frantic firefighter grabbed the firehose and ripped the hydrant right out of the ground, then proceeded to put out the fire! Nobody knows how he does it. He's on the move now that he's mobile, putting out fires everywhere. The problem is that the hydrant he's carrying is extremely heavy, so his aim is off and shaky. Help him put out all of the fires on each level at Friv classic by blasting each one with a powerful hose blast. The blast has a powerful impact and can ricochet off objects to extinguish fires, but be cautious because a bad ricochet can easily knock the fireman out. Much fun!

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Game controls:

Move to aim while holding down the left mouse button or your finger (on touch devices). Release to fire a burst of water from the firehose. Up to a point, the longer you hold the aim in one spot before firing, the steadier the fireman becomes.

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