Stunt Planes

Welcome to the world of little soft clouds and hoops! In this magical land of Friv free games, you will join the fun while rotating in your own stunt plane. It resembles some of the stunt games but remains simple enough so that the little kids can understand easily. The players will control the plane movement by the keys to complete the goal of passing through as many hoops as possible. The score is calculated based on the number of hoops that you manage to pass through without touching. Of course, the combo will add significant extra scores for you as well.

For each hoop, there will be a shining gold star on the top of it. Passing through the hoop allows you to collect that one. Make sure to reach the designated goal for each level because that's the only way to progress. Your moved distance will be recorded to join the rank later on the Leaderboard. Do you know that if you play this game daily, you can receive 500 coins per day as a gift?

These coins can become so helpful in the game. Purchase anything you need from the store! So far, it sounds just like a simple flying plane game. However, while rotating, if you can perform some stunts using the boosters and speeding up, you will gain plenty of scores. That's the highlight of this controlling game for both boys and girls at such as Real Flight Simulator and Escape Plane

Instruction to play:

Use up and down arrow keys to operate the plane

Space bar to speed up.