Jet Ski Boat Race

Participate in the most intense Jet Ski Boat Race to claim your spot at the finish line! This is a simple racing game from Friv free games with a 3D design and new embedded features to make the race more interesting. The main thing that the players here need to master is the ability to control the individual ski boat.

If you haven't tried this in real life, this will be the perfect chance to start a trial in Unlike cars or on-land vehicles, it's much harder to control and drive this machine because you can't control the direction right away or slow down easily. When changing the direction, you need to take all the other factors into consideration such as the wind, the wave, the body of water and other players' effect as well. But try your best and you can learn the most basic skills of driving a jet ski boat for free!

The first thing you need to do before joining a real race is to choose the suitable driving lines that fit your personal skills. Then, start racing and try your best to avoid other players. There will be some walls on 2 sides to create obstacles for the attendants. Don't crash into them or else your ski boat will flip. Bypassing all the other players to be the first to reach the finish line within the shortest time!

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to drive the boat.