Word Chef Cookies

Word games are also the challenging yet interesting choices for the players who have an undying love for wordplay. Now with Word Chef Cookies, a new game from Friv puzzle games, you will again have the chance to take up more challenges and indulge in the fun during your playtime. The game is a puzzle game but with the coordination of the chef theme.

In this game, you can learn lots of words and increase your vocabulary to impress your friends and family. For each dish, the ingredient list consists of a few different things. Your job is to locate the name of these ingredients on the screen as fast as possible to help the chef make the dish. Take up the challenge with Malichoco, Secret Spiral, Traviata, Fruity Robo, and Fondue as well. Each of the dishes has its own ingredients and difficulty levels.

As you start looking for words, you will see that there are words on a white plate, and you have to connect the letters correctly in the order of the words to make the one that is shown on the whiteboard. Not only does the game have great gameplay and plotline but it also comes with amazing graphics for free at http://frivclassic.net/. This is an amazing combination of word games and cooking games to spice up your experience and change the old classic word games. Play more cool games like this with Tenkyu and Classic Word Search and plenty of games that are updated daily for free!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to click and move the letters to make the words required.