Piggy Night

The little piggy from Friv land got lost in the terrifying night with so many dangerous bats on his road. In order to make out of the place safely, he desperately needs your help. Will you assist him in the journey of finding the way back home in Piggy Night free game? As the place is filled with dark animals, the piggy can only move along the bubbles where it's safe. It's your job to make sure that the piggy can jump from one bubble to another.

In this point-and-click game at  http://frivclassic.net/, the hard part is that there will be some bats circling around each bubble to prevent your piggy from reaching it. Make sure that you choose the perfect timing to jump. It's best to calculate the holes in the bats' formation and take advantage of it. The game comes with an endless mode which allows the players to play for as long as possible.

When you move along the path, remember to collect the scattered shields and speed power. These bonuses help the main character become more powerful and go further in this tough journey. Do your best to protect the little piggy at all cost! The goal is to keep creating new records and defeat your own old record.

With the simple rules and addictive gameplay, we guarantee that all players can have a great time with this fun game! If you love to de-stress with other games, don't forget that we have some others available for free such as Animal Daycare and Anna Tatto Shop

Instruction to play:


Tap or click on the screen to move from one bubble to another.