Tap Tap Dash Online

If you have been familiar with Tap Tap Dash, this new online version of the game from Friv land will be an interesting choice for the playtime! The gameplay resembles that of the original game but now, you can play online on both the PC and mobile. As usual, your main goal is to break the old record of the game.

The main character of it is a cute little bird who is moving around the map. You need to control the movement of the bird to gather the scattered diamonds on your path and to avoid all the deep holes and gaps as well. It's an interesting jump game in which the players need to utilize the best of their reaction abilities. Your character can only move in one direction, therefore, you need to estimate the precise timing to tap and change the direction. If you fail to do so, the little bird might fall down the holes and the game will be over immediately.

Should you be a fan of games that require the focus and reflexes, this game at http://frivclassic.net/ will guarantee the funniest moments for you and your friends. The highest scores will be kept on the Leaderboard for ranking later. If you gain higher scores than the previous turn, it's the new record that matters. Also, sharing the game to compete with other players is also a great idea to spice up the experience. Not only the gameplay is amazing but the graphics and design of the game are also bright and extremely vibrant. Continue to try out more games like 4 Player Sheep Party and Temple Run Online as well!

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or click on the screen using the left mouse to change the direction of the character.