Gobble Snake

Puzzle games can also be relaxing and interesting at the same time, especially with the new games like Gobble Snake at Friv free 2019. This is a combination of the relaxing features that help you de-stress after a hard day at work and the features that keep the game dynamic and incredibly fun! Let's start the journey with this little snake and have a blast! Your job is to be his companion and help him gather all the food from the map, which is the red dots on the road.

The roads will intertwine and come to the intersections from time to time, therefore, you need to switch the direction to move around. Moreover, a tip for the new players is that you shouldn't use the snake's head to touch his body. The moment the head crashes into the body, the game will be over!

Another problem that you need to pay attention to is the curve and the edge of the map. Don't fall off the map or else the game will be over. This means that you have to make the snake turn before it reaches the rear end of any road. Keep up the work continuously since it's an endless game.

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Instruction to play:

Drag and move the mouse cursor to make the snake move.