Free Rally

Free Rally is an intense and frantic 3D car driving game which is playable friv game. If you like driving around through a city without restrictions or rules, then you should try this awesome driving game. The city is yours to drive around at your leisure, you can race on the highway and see what top speeds your vehicle can reach. Alternatively you can race through the streets and try drifting around the corners. 

Choose between different kinds of vehicles, such as a buggy, a bus or a hot sportscar, and start speeding freely through the streets. When you are playing a game at juegos friv do you prefer to have freedom about how you will play the actual game? You do not want to do any quests, just roam around the map and discover interesting places? Perform cool jumps, explore the field and interact with other real players just like you. 

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Instruction to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive

F to use nitro

C to change camera

R to use horn

Space bar to use handbrake

I to start or turn off engine

QEZ to use turn lights

K and L to control headlights