Tank Wars

Tank Wars is an HTML game, so you can play in both browsers (safari, chrome) and smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices, Window phones, tablet) on friv free games with no registration. You are playing on a battlefield full of dangerous enemies and your mission is to eliminate the opponents to save your base.

The 2-player mode of the game allows you to invite your friend to take part in the battle and fight against each other. Besides, you can choose the one-player mode if you want. Then, select one of three difficulties: normal, medium and hard and start with level 1 in friv game for schools.

You have to control a tank to move toward and kill the enemies by shooting. Your enemy’s arm has many tanks but you have the only one. They move around the field and approach your area to eliminate you. Thus, move wisely in order not to be attacked and to prevent them from coming on your base. Whenever you shoot a tank, it will disappear and another appears.

In addition, you will also disappear when you are shot and you also have another chance. Remember to not allow foes to approach your base otherwise, you lose the game. The brick walls can be destroyed by shooting to open your way but the stone walls can’t be damaged. There are many levels for you to conquer. When you progress, a variety of modern weapons are unlocked. Don’t hesitate to explore all three difficulties to challenge your fighting skills.

We are so thankful to receive your feedback and rating. Invite your friends to take part in the war together. Discover many awesome games like Artillery Rush 2 and Stickman Archer Online in http://frivclassic.net/.

Instruction to play: