Giant Hamster Run

If you like the combination of running and action games, Giant Hamster Run is one of the perfect choices from Friv land! The gameplay takes inspiration from some other famous games like Subway Surfer so you might feel familiar. However, plenty of unique challenges and updates are added to spice up your playtime!

Starting with the first level, you will control a giant hamster running through the city streets. The size of the hamster is huge, therefore, it's very difficult for him to move through the small street. In order to help him, you need to help with his movement by switching back and forth between the lanes, which will help him avoid all the obstacles and keep him safe. Moreover, duck, jump and switch constantly to avoid some high and low barriers as well.

Also, another goal is to run as far as you can. You can bring home extra scores by gathering the scattered cookies on your way. Delicious as these cookies might seem, don't forget to duck and steer clear of the barriers! At, games like this have attracted the attention of players of all ages thanks to its bright and colorful design as well as addictive gameplay. Once you start, you will not be able to stop playing Giant Hamster Run free game! It's crucial to keep track of the time and the scores to know your progress in the game. Discover more journeys with other characters in the games like Angry Gran Run: Miami and Talking Tom Gold Run.

Instruction to play:

Switch the lanes using the left and right arrow keys.