Candy: Slip And Slide

Candy: Slip And Slide is an online game that you can play on friv puzzle games for free. This HTML game allows you to play both in web browsers such as safari or chrome and touch devices like smartphone ( Samsung, iPhone, Window phone, Android devices) or tablet and iPad.

You have a hungry monster and your mission is to feed him with the colorful candies including pink, red, brown, green, purple, and yellow. They are in shape of the horizontal bar. Each bar has a different number of squares, so their lengths are not the same. For example, one bar in friv games for school contains 4 squares and one bar has 1 squares.

You are in a rectangle table. You gain points when the candies disappear. To do that, you must pull one bar for it to fall down into the empty space and create a crossbar full of candies. Then it disappears and you get scores. These objects can not move upwards, just move horizontally. Watch out to full and drop them in the suitable place.

Try to make the combo for bonus points. Besides, you can see the squares contain a star into them, eat them for bonus points, too. Watch out and don’t let the candies be too high because as one of them reaches the roof, all of them drop out and you lose the game. Move wisely to gain the highest score. Sometimes, you can use the support on the bottom of the screen.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to control the candy bars.