Limo Simulator

Limo Simulator will guarantee the best experience for a new generation of simulation games for the players in Friv land. More than just a simple exploring game, you will still have to conform to the required tasks per level in this version. This means that you need to balance both the urge to roam the city and the commitment to the missions.

It's not only a car driving gaming selection but also a mission simulation game with one of the best 3D realistic animation. To conquer the levels one by one, the players are required to follow the checkpoints as shown at the beginning of the stage. Then, pick the right limousine for your taste from our huge collection. Feel free to choose any model that you want!

Now, it's time for you to drive to the pointed area while collecting the items and overcome the obstacles on the way. Keep in mind that there will be other cars, which are other players from all around the world, around you as well. Pay attention to their movements and interact wisely to make the game even more interesting!

There is no limitation on how long you can play this game at, so enjoy your playtime! If you like this genre, give other games like Santa Gift Race and BMX Kid a try later. 

Instruction to play:

Use the up arrow to move forward, down arrow to move backward, left and right arrow keys to take the turn.