Riddle School 2

How can you use your intelligence to find a solution in the game online named Riddle School 2 at Friv free? Leaving the classroom is not an easy task and the player needs to find the signs or things needed to help him. These are hidden objects and how you solve the puzzle. However, it's hard to get past levels without using tips. So let your friends explore this game, read the tutorial carefully, and save gameplay tips that you can pass on to them.


The level of the puzzle game will increase until you understand all the rules of the puzzle. friv games unblocked this game hint for those who want a journey of adventure and play the most talented detective on the planet. If you've ever loved the mysterious stories of Sherlock Holmes, let's see how he prepares the details for how to deal with them.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Use left mouse to find objects for your puzzle in this puzzle game