Pocket Jump

Pocket Jump is an online puzzle game which you can play on friv kids game for free. This HTML game is playable on both browsers and touch devices. You are a blue block and your mission is just to jump higher and higher on the table and keep yourself in safe.

The rule of the game seems to be easy but it is difficult for you to win due to its fast pace. The pencils can help you finish the mission but they are also the weapons which may take your life away. You lose your way in the world of pencils and they are moving constantly. To escape from this dangerous world by jumping from a pencil to the higher one. If you don’t act now, you will get stuck in this place of friv 2018 games forever.

The black pencils are launched from two sides of the board. They appear from the left or right one by one. You have to jump before the next pencil stands in the middle of the table or you will get stuck there forever.

Watch out and avoid crashing the tips of the pencils or you lose the game. Sometimes, you can see the diamonds, don’t forget to catch them for bonus points. Each time you jump, you gain one point. Make a jump at the right time and attempt to set a record.

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Instruction to play:

Click the mouse or tap the screen to jump.