Swat vs Zombies

You will now have the opportunity to participate in the fight against Swat of the game Swat vs Zombies at friv online games for free. Players choose to play online games or offline to start the fight. Use different weapons to attack and destroy Zombies. They will appear constantly and attack you so you need to be careful in this battle.


Players can move flexibly and fight with Zombies in two different directions. Make them go in one direction so you can fight in turn without being beaten. Fight with them and you will win the final battle. So, trust your strength. If you want to destroy all zombies, do not miss this awesome game at http://frivclassic.net/. The game online about Zombie is constantly being updated and brings up exciting space for players with a new war.


Levels vary with the individual challenges that you need to overcome. Try to destroy all the zombies and win this game. We constantly update the latest games for players from all over the world. You will not be bothered by ads or load speed as other websites. Therefore, we are selected by the player as one of the freest and prestigious gaming website. You do not hesitate to fight without fighting the Zombie army is coming towards you.


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Instruction to play:


Arrows or WASD to move,

Space to shoot,

Q E Ctrl-Shift to change the weapon

R to reload the game