Happy Kids Jigsaw Puzzle

Spread your imagination and bring the little animal picture to live in Happy Kids Jigsaw Puzzle! It's one adorable Friv puzzle game which is created for the little kids who love jigsaws. Instead of making a mess with the real version, why don't you try having fun with this virtual game? The rule is similar to the game that you enjoy in real life. All you have to do is to pick the jigsaw pieces and put them in the right place on the blank frame.

Of course, since the game is designed for kids, there will be a blur version of the original picture so that the kids can follow the pattern. There are 6 game modes for you to pick. Choose the suitable difficulty levels for yourself from the collection of 2x2, 3x6, 4x6 and many more! The bigger the picture is, the harder it is to find the pieces quickly.

Along with one of the best game art animations at friv for kids Games , your playing time with the puzzles will get a whole new update! Explore the kingdom of the animal with the cute panda, long neck giraffe, fierce crocodile, mighty lion, turtle, zebra and so on. Learning about new animals can be fun now! After you finish with the existed jigsaw pieces on the screen, the next ones will show up. Can you finish the jigsaw challenge within the shortest time?

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Interact and play with the jigsaw using the mouse.