Cookie Crush

Cookie Crush is a matching game which is similar to the Candy Crush Saga game but this version is more eye-catching with a variety of delicious cookies in friv games for kids. We prepare you a lot of candies, ice-cream, and chocolates in a rectangle table and they exist in line.

Your mission is to match at least 3 identical candies to a line, then they will disappear and you gain points. For example, you can change the position of 2 objects edgewise to create a line of chocolates or red candy to make them disappear. After that, other objects will drop out to replace the empty space in friv games for school.

Furthermore, you can match 4 or 5 objects in the same kind to gain more points. There are totally 25 levels for you to conquer and each level has a different requirement. For instance, level 1 requires you to eat 11 chocolates, 11 ice-creams and 11 green candies. In level 4, you have to get 19 red ice-creams, 16 blue candies, and 21 chocolates. Whenever you collect enough number of required objects, you win the game.

Each level limits you in 2 minutes, you have to finish your mission before the time is run out of or you lose the game. If you complete your task in the shortest time, you gain 3 stars. You must conquer all the levels one by on to unlock the next one.

If you find this game is funny, please leave your feedback for us. Rate it highly. Invite your friends to take part in the sweet adventure together. Follow us in for more games such as Candy: Slip And Slide and Biscuit Man Papa.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to change the position of the cookies.