Join this new game from Friv free games for two players to combat at the same time! Fortz is an exciting battle game which will test your fighting ability. With this action-based game, you must use various different weapons to destroy your opponent while moving smartly through the battlefield. Since the name is Fortz, the players are also required to build the forts to protect themselves from the attacks of the wild animals and enemies!


The new type of weapon in the game is the turrets. Like a gun, your turrets only have limited ammo so remember to pick up ammo crates along the way. These crates are scattered randomly, therefore, whoever finds them first will get to keep them. Aside from the turrets, blocks can also be used. You can take advantage of the blocks to fortify your base and build it higher up. As you reach higher parts, this will play an important role in keeping your character alive.


Also, watch out for other obstacles such as vicious dogs, robots and airplanes that drop bombs! The layouts of the levels will be different, so stay sharp and think quickly to win the game at One of the best features is that many pre-made maps are waiting for you to explore! Try more options with Deep Heat and War Of Tanks!

Instruction to play:

Player 1: WAD to move, WS to aim, D to shoot, S to place a block.

Player 2: Arrow keys to move, Up and down arrow to aim, Left arrow to shoot, Down arrow to place a block