Ludo King is a highly addictive board game that you can play here on Friv online games. Enjoy 4 game modes of Ludo: a computer mode in which you play against a computer, a local mode in which you play against a friend using the same device, a multiplayer worldwide mode in which you challenge other players worldwide, and a multiplayer private mode in which you play a private game with friends. The first player to successfully move 4 pieces into a home triangle wins. Have fun!

The rules are simple: you roll a dice to move your tokens forwards to the finish. Roll a 6 to let your first token enter the game and start racing to become the winner. Eliminate your opponent's tokens, stand on safe squares and choose your moves wisely. You can play this game against the CPU, against your friends in local game mode, or against other players from all over the world! Enjoy this classic!

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Instruction to play: