Swipe Basketball Neon

How good is your throwing skills in a match of basketball? Test it out with the latest gaming selection for the fans of sports called Swipe Basket Neon! This game comes from the list of best sports games from Friv online 2019, with the coolest theme of futuristic neon vibe. The basket and the frame will be made of neon and they glow whenever you score a point. How cool is this new feature! Moreover, this is not only an arcade but also a sub-genre of sports games where you practice your ball-throwing techniques.

The rule is very simple. All you have to do is to aim carefully, drag the mouse cursor to get the momentum, then release to shoot the ball. Two crucial elements for a successful throw is the angle and the force. If you are a newbie, make sure that you aim correctly before releasing the button to avoid wasting any chances. One point that you should keep in mind is that you only have 5 balls in one chance.

If all 5 balls fall, the turn will be over. Your chances of gaining the highest scores are very high, so don't miss out on this game at friv school Games for kids! For the fans of sports, we bring out other good games that are updated daily such as Football Multiplayer and Volley Beans Will you be the best player in the game?


Instruction to play:

Drag and release the mouse to throw the ball.