Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump is an online game that allows you to play on friv new games for free. This game is available for you to play on both browsers (chrome, safari) and smart devices (iPhone, tablet, iPad, Window phone, Samsung) with no registration. You are in the 3D world full of hazardous triangles and your mission is to guide the green square to go as far as possible.

The square is always moving toward and you just have to help it jump at the correct time to avoid the obstacles. All the obstacles appear in the square shaped and if you touch them, you lose your life immediately. However, don’t worry because you can replay the game many times until you can conquer it. These obstacles stand on the way with a thick density. Jump through them quickly or you will die in friv games online.

Sometimes, these objects stand in a group, so you must jump to the higher platform to avoid them. The rectangle things are harmless completely, thus you can go on them to be safe. The further you go, the more challenges you get. Attempt to run as far as possible.

The game prepares you many levels with different challenges and difficulties for you to test and improve your reaction skill. Are you confident to reach the endpoint of this line?

We are so thankful if you rate the game highly and write your feeling in the comment box. Introduce the game to your friends to spend the free time. Many exciting games are waiting for you on such as  Hand Spinner Simulator and Sworm .Io.

Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to jump.