Motor Wars 2

Motor Wars 2 is a wonderful multiplayer moto game which allows you to play for free on friv online games. It is the second installment of Motor Wars game and it includes many interesting challenges, more modern vehicles, and new maps for you to try on. The game brings you to the war against other players around the world. The game combines both fighting and racing game because you have to not only move around the arena safely but also fight against your opponents.

Log in and create your character with a name before entering the area. Then, select your vehicle among many types of vehicles such as the tank, kart, car and so on. However, many of them are locked and you need to earn money and overcome a certain number of levels to unlock them. Each of them has a different speed, shield, shield recharge, turbo, gun damage, gun recharge, and turbo recharge in friv games for school.

Select your team: blue or red. Your vehicle has a weapon. Move around the arena with your motor, find your enemies and shoot at them to defeat them. Be careful or you will do wrong by killing your teammates. It is your duty to slay opponents and get their flag. The required time for each match is 7 minutes. Attempt to stay alive and knock out your foes before the time ends.

Try your best to conquer the game and become an elite soldier!

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows/ WASD to drive, spacebar to fly, the left click to shoot,  and shift to boost speed.