is the tactical action game which you can play on friv best game online for free. This game brings you the wonderful experiences which you can’t have in the real life. It is an io game, so you have a chance to compete with many players around the world. You will take control of a little ant and then team up to hunt for delicious food.

The little ant has a big heart. You will build up a team and your main mission is to lead your insect army to find delicious treats. Before hunting, name your character and choose your area and a room to join. Each room has up to 15 people. Lead and direct your insect army around the map finding the sweets and treats. That can increase the size of your army. The much more food you eat, the larger your team is in friv multiplayer games.

The delicious food is scattered on the ground, find it and eat it to grow. There are 10 different species to obtain. You will then have the opportunity to battle other armies in the area as you have grown your army to great size full of plenty of different insects. You can attack the army which is smaller than you. Besides, avoid the troop which is bigger than you because they can attack and kill you. Make sure you are victorious then find even more treats to grow your army even further!

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD/arrow keys to move your army, left click to attack, and number keys to spawn an insect.