Mad Boss

Mad Boss is a cool first person shooter game which is playable on friv action games for free with no registration. Are you curious about the soldier in the battle and do you want to experience this feeling? Jump in this game and discover the attractive action game!

Imagine that you have a mad boss and he requires you to complete the mission of killing all the enemies on the hard field. What will you do to kill them? Firstly, go to the training course to practice your shooting skills. Test your aim with a powerful long-range weapon by aiming and shooting directly at the targets as training to enhance your fighting skills. Once you finish this course and feel confident, you can enter the deserted city in friv games for school and face the terrorists in the final battle.

Start fighting. Watch out to find out the position of your opponents, they can stand on the road and hide behind the iron barrels or many of them stand on the terrace of the tall buildings and shoot at you. Be careful, hide and shoot at them to kill them. Don’t let them shoot you many times. You can see the “Health” bar on the left of the screen, as you are injured, it decreases and you die when it runs out. Thus, remember to avoid their attacks.

The city is like a mess with a variety of abandoned houses. That makes you feel like in a real battle. Move around the area to discover the city and eliminate all the foes to finish your task.

You can use different weapons to during each mission. Besides, we prepare you more than 15 challenging levels to complete. Get ready to conquer this addicting game now!

We are so thankful to receive your feedback and voting. Invite your relatives to take part in the adventure with you. Many other thrilling action games are waiting for you at like Tank Wars and Artillery Rush 2.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Shift to run, Spacebar to jump, C to crouch, Left click or ctrl to shoot, Right click to use the scope and Tab to pause.