Falling Dots

Falling Dots is a fast-paced puzzle game which you can play on friv online games for free. Because it is an HTML game, you can play it on both browsers (chrome, safari) and touch devices ( Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Window phones, Android devices). The game requires you to act fast to survive and earn points to win.

You are playing in a table which is covered by two lines. Your mission is to control a red dot near the bottom. There are many dots falling from the sky and they have two colors: red and black. You must move the dot left or right to avoid the black dots and you can’t move up and down. If you touch these black dots, you lose the game immediately. However, you can touch the red dots. You gain a point for each time you dodge the black dots of friv free games successfully.

Sometimes, the lines will come close together and then move apart. You can’t touch these lines, too, otherwise, you are a loser. The dots fall down so fast that you must be faster than them to avoid the obstacles. The speed changes in a row. Sometimes, dots drop faster and faster. Take a look at the screen carefully to determine the color of the objects and gain points.

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Instruction to play:

Click mouse to the left/right of the screen to move to the left/right.