Knife Ninja

Hold your breath while you throw the knives to the targets in Friv's latest game - Knife Ninja! Many players have had their best time with this amazing game thanks to its simple yet addicting gameplay, along with the soothing graphics and vivid colors. This is a fun arcade game that can be played whenever you are bored.

The game comes with many levels and the difficulty increases through each of them. The higher the level, the harder it is to finish all the task. Let us guide you through the gameplay of this Friv game online. Players will be given a specific number of knives for each level. Your task is to throw all of them to the target board so as to smash all the tomatoes. But that's not the difficult part.

The hardest thing is that the next knives mustn't hit the previous ones, which means that you need to fit all the knives on the small board. Will you be able to aim precisely? For the tablet, you can click on the screen to throw all the knives hit with the tomatoes. Bear in mind that the most important point is to avoid the other knives in the process. Becoming a professional knife thrower has never been this easy! Just play this game in whenever you have the chance.

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Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to throw the knives.