Spinning Blades

Spinning Blades gives the players at Friv land a chance to experience the new sub-genre of games that consists of a PVE game type. This game type brings more than just an arcade game feature. You will experience with both the thrilling pace of an arcade game and the elaborated theme of an adventure game set apparently. As you join the competition against the best AI opponents, you will be encouraged to upgrade your skills to win.

The goal is to be the player with the most blades collected and the last to survive. In order to accomplish this, two missions that you need to complete is to go around gathering blades and to defeat the others using those gathered ones. There are tons of dangerous players lurking around waiting for the right moments to attack you, therefore, it's crucial to collect a decent number of blades before actually moving around and reach new territories.

However, a tip for the new players is that you are still able to win by avoiding contact with anyone. If you stay at the close range and focus on collecting rather than engaging with other opponents, there are more chances that you will be safe. If you choose to expose yourself and combat, you can gain more scores and win faster.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact with the blades.