Tower Vs Tower

Filling up the whole tower while keeping all the blocks perfectly balanced is not as easy as it sounds. Why don't you test out your ability to build up the high tower in this Friv kid game: Tower Vs Tower? It's the new game in which two players can take part in the match at the same time. Both will be given the moving airplanes to move the blocks. You need to estimate the length and the other factors to choose the perfect timing and drop the cubes one by one.

The main purpose is to make sure the latest block doesn't affect the previous ones. You have to pack them up until the tower reaches its highest point. Only then will you be able to place the final pentagon on top to finish off the mission. Don't forget that you are playing head to head with the other player, therefore, time is of the essence.

At, your skills in estimating the distance and the position for each dropdown will be significantly improved. The cubes have so many colors with adorable shapes and lines to keep you entertained throughout the levels. Don't let any block go to waste! If even one block falls down the ground, your chance of winning the other player decline a bit.

Keep all of your advantages and win with the highest tower! More fun puzzle games such as Paint Pop 3D and Eg Flow Dots are available for free on our website as well! 

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses W key

Player 2 uses up arrow to control the cubes.