Las Vegas Roulette

Do you know how to play the Las Vegas Roulette? It is one of the best gambling games for the playtime at Friv land. If you know how to play, then don't hesitate to come and show your calculating skills! If not, you can learn some tips and tricks now! It's all about the game of chances in this common game in casinos. The main goal is to bring home as much money with your chips as you can get. The game consists of a little roulette wheel and a board where you place your bets.

First, choose the bet that you want to place. Then, spin the wheel and see which number slots it lands in. The slots come with two different background colors: red and black. If the ball ends up in the middle of that number, you will gain profit. The best player shall be the one who is lucky and can place the most precise bet. You can also learn more about the rules of inside and outside bets, as well as the strategy that you can use to win the game at

A tip for the new players is that staying with simple even money bets and scattering the bets on many different slots will bring about more chances of winning. Keep spinning since you can play this game again and again for free without fear of losing real money! It's the perfect game for the players to practice and learn before entering the real game out there! Have fun with more interactive games such as Pyramid Mountains and Pudding Monster

Instruction to play:

Choose and interact with the left mouse.