Super Color Lines

Surely you have played the traditional line games and want to discover the new challenge of Super Color Lines game online at 2 player games friv. The diamonds, in turn, appear in the squares after every turn of you. The player's task is to arrange the squares with the colors and make them disappear on the screen so that other diamonds appear.

The rules of this game are not different from other Line games. Diamonds of different colors will make you feel better when you join this game. Some other rules are also implemented in the game if you want to find the difference in new adventures. Do not miss the chance to become the highest scoring player in this game at gogi games. The top players are updated daily and you will love and enjoy this game in your spare time.

We give players time to relax freely when participating in any game on the website without being bothered by advertising or other factors. Create different ways to diagonally, vertically or horizontally to arrange the diamonds when they reach 5 or more. Save on the move by taking advantage of the old appearance of the diamonds that are already available in this game. will give players a new, comfortable and creative space.

In addition, the player is selected to experience other special games at the same website with this game like Laps Fuse. The game is easy so do not forget to save and give yourself some tips on the move and complete with the highest score in each turn. This is also one of the most interesting intellectual games. 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to change the position of the diamond and find the best way for it