Jelly Merger

Merging games have never been this fun! From Friv games, you can now enjoy the cutest game with inspiration from two different genres. The creators of Jelly Merger combine merge game and puzzle game to come up with this incredibly fun game for you! The task is to earn more and more money by putting your pieces of jelly at the line and gather the shots. There is a gun at the top of the screen which will constantly shoot randomly.

You can earn money when the bullets shoot your jelly. Then, upgrade your jelly into the bigger pieces using the earned coins. These coins can also be helpful as you try to get more earnings, which is the merge part. The bigger the jelly, the more scores you can get from the bullets. Therefore, it's crucial to choose the most perfect position to arrange these blocks as you want to make bullets hit them more times.

The tip for the new players is that choosing the right spot will be very important as this brings you revenue and scores. Also, keep purchasing more blocks to grow your jelly! For each level, there is a certain requirement that you need to meet in order to go to the next one such as merging two jellies, three jellies or gaining a certain number of scores.

It's not too hard so that players of all ages can enjoy the lovely game at Are you ready to have fun with these colorful and bouncy jellies? Don't hesitate to try out Jewel Match and Mouse Connection afterward as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to drag the jelly and interact.