Gravity Kid

Will you be able to escape the chase of the police using gravity to your advantage? In Gravity Kid, our new running arcade game that you can enjoy without a dime in Friv free games, it's your chance to dive into the new adventure with the cool boy in a beanie hat. The task is as mentioned, to overcome the longest road and collect the floating coins. Not only will you have to pay attention to the police chasing after you but you also have to choose the right moment to flip between platforms. Thanks to the special effect with the gravity, this feature will allow you to gather the coins and dodge the obstacles more easily.

Moreover, there will be other bonuses and special features such as the shields, coin magnets, and a slow-motion potion. Each of them has its own effect time and power, but they will no doubt make the experience more interesting and easier. The main character will continuously run on the platforms, therefore, you can only control which one that he runs on. Flip back and forth between the stages whenever there is an obstacle that is too hard to dodge.

Spikes, holes and the police are waiting for you at friv play now To have a blast with more thrilling games like Crazy Rushing Ball  and Subway Surfer: East Man Runner , don't hesitate to take a look at our website right now! The tutorial will help you keep up with the game, so don't worry!

Instruction to play:

Tap or click on the screen to change the platforms and interact.