Kids Memory

Kid games at Friv online game consist of a variety of categories and sub-genres, ranging from girl games, action games, shooting games. The latest trend is solving puzzle games with educational features such as Kids Memory, a new matching game that allows the kids to compete and show their own memorizing skills. Remembering the card's positions as you flip them will not be easy, but it will enhance your ability to learn by heart under pressure and within the shortest time frame.

First, choose from two game modes: single and two players. As you two start the game, each will take his or her turn to flip the cards. You are only allowed to flip two cards at a time, which will re-flip again if they don't make up a pair. The first one to gather more than half the pairs possible will be the winner!

The rule is so simple that even beginners can grasp quickly, which makes it a perfect choice for the little players here at This classic brain training theme is different than other puzzle games since it has three difficulty levels for choosing: 2x3 for starters, 3x4 and 4x6 for advanced players. The kids will have to acquaint themselves with not only numbers on the cards but also images and symbols, or all together.

One of the most important requirements to search for the cards is to keep track of the positions of those flipped ones. More puzzle games that are designed specifically for kids like Minecraft Jewel Match and Old M are worth trying out as well!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose the cards.