Genius Memory

Do seem to be you brilliant? Have been you ready to put your memory to the test? We are thrilled to unveil the fondest memory game for training your brain while trying to have fun! Genius Memory at Friv kids games is the fondest memory game for practicing having a good memory. The cards are positioned in a grid, face down. Two cards must also be flipped. If the two cards are exactly equivalent, they are discarded from the game. If the cards are not exactly equivalent, they have always been returned.

The objective is to arrange pairs of cards in as few transitions and as quickly as possible within a limited amount of time. It is essential that you remember where the cards are when they are being turned over.

Join your friends right now in the game so you can have the chance to challenge your brain most smartly. It would be fun to allow you to join fairies and some other interesting games like Coloring Book: Toy Shop 2

Instruction to play: