Ragdoll Randy

If your favorite type of game is the ones with the fun physics arcade-style game, let's dive into the excitement of Ragdoll Randy fun game! The creators of Friv land add tons of dangerous obstacles that are scattered along the path to making it harder. For beginners, don't worry as there is a detailed tutorial to help you with the control keys and the basic rules of the game.

The ultimate goal is to bring Randy to the final destination on each level and pass through all challenges. The only way to accomplish this is by avoiding all the obstacles that can hurt or mutilate the ragdoll while moving forward. Pay attention to the extra bonuses and special items and pick them up. These will be helpful for later challenges and they can bring up your total scores. Are you ready to figure out what kind of hindrances are waiting for you at http://frivclassic.net/?

From flying knives and axes, pools of acid, hidden bombs to lasers and other crazy ways, these are set to push your character into the dark hole. It's best if you can estimate the random pop up of the obstacles to avoid them. The scores are calculated based on the checkpoint that you manage to reach.

Other than the fun storyline, you can look forward to extraordinary graphics and hilarious situations. There are more elaborated games such as Zombie Killers and Let's Kill Jane The Killer that can be played on both PC and mobile, so check them out now! 

Instruction to play:

Move with the arrow keys or use the buttons for mobile.