Super Boxing

The only boxer who can dominate all the intense rounds in Super Boxing shall be the last one standing regardless of the punches that he or she took! Can you box your way to claim the title of the best fighter in this Friv new game? Not only is it a chance for you to learn how to perform the movement in a boxing championship but it's also where you show off the learned ones. Demonstrate the ability to throw jabs, left and right hooks, punches and crosses to fight your way up to the top rank.

The players will fight in their own turn to defeat the chosen opponent in each round. Use all the possible advantage of yours to attack, block with your boxing gloves and move slightly so as to avoid the deadly blow. It's crucial to stay in the game by not being knocked out too early. This game at has the first-person point of view to make it even more realistic, especially for the athletic fans. The game has the tutorial and training mode to improve your personal skills as an athlete.

A tip for the beginners is to balance the timing of attacking and defending. It might sound easy, but dodging and punching at the right moment will contribute greatly to the quest of consuming your opponent. Plenty of fighting games like Ultimate Boxing and Amaze with different modes are waiting for you!

Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrows to attack, up and down arrows to dodge and defend.