Classic Chicken Shooting

As you examined the yard in Classic Chicken Shooting new game, you found out that there are plenty of infected chickens. The chickens are looking for food, but what's unusual is that they are infected with the virus. While some of them are sick, the rest are virus-free. Your job is to separate the infected from the ordinary chickens by shooting down the infected ones. The faster you finish the task the better.

It will prevent the spreading of such virus at Friv land! It's a shooting game with the first-person point of view and 3D graphics. You need to move around to get used to the layout of the farm, then search for the targets. Aim properly and take the cleanest shots to take the chickens down. The hard part of this game is to distinguish between the infected chickens and the non-infected ones. Should you accidentally shoot the ordinary chickens, your scores will decrease significantly. Therefore, it's best to aim carefully before making any move.

The number on the top right corner of the screen at friv for school for kids shows the required number of chickens that you need to kill to pass the level. Different levels call for different numbers, but you should finish the requirements within the shortest time possible. For the fans of shooting games, try taking out other targets with games such as Stickman Wars  and Real Bottle Shooter Game !

Instruction to play:

 Navigate and shoot using the mouse cursor. Let's show your precise aiming skills!