3 Awesome Photoshoots For Princess

If you are the loyal fan of the princess in the fairy tale, now join the 3 Awesome Photoshoots For Princess game to meet her and help her more beautiful to take the wonderful photographs. It is a single-player game that you can play for free on friv for kids in both browsers and tablets or iPads.

Ariel princess gets a phone call that a fashion magazine chooses her as their model for a photoshoot.  She is required to pick a style. There are 3 styles for you to choose in friv games online: sweet casual, dark street, and fashionista style. Your mission is to dress up her with the suitable costume.

Firstly, pick the nice clothes for the sweet casual style. You can mix a T-shirt with a pair of trousers or a skirt, let’s go shopping and walk down the street. Then, select one of 6 hairstyles such as the straight hair or the wavy hair. They have different length but all of them are red. In addition to this, we prepare you many pretty items such as a long-sleeve shirt, polka dot pink shirt, white T-shirt, three tank tops, and red coat, the denim shorts, black shorts, black skirt, gray stockings, jeans, and leggings. Complete the costume by picking the high heels or sneakers with black and white color. The accessories are also important such as the glasses, necklace, and a pair of earrings.

Do the same with the dark street style and the fashionista style. Mix the suitable items and you will have the cool clothes for the photoshoots.

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Instruction to play:

click the mouse to play.