Offroad Car Race

Are you daring enough to tackle one special race called Offroad Car Race from Friv land? More than just an ordinary racing-themed game, you will have to navigate through some difficult terrain since there is no track. After going off the road, can you maintain the balance of the car on muddy roads, bumpy tracks and grass fields? You will need to do all of these tasks while trying to bypass the other players. This is a racing competition where each player is aiming for the top spot, therefore, you need to pick the right timing to speed up.

We need the racers with the best adaptability to overcome some tough features that are specially designed for this game. Don't forget that you can also take advantage of the drift to sneak up one or a few spots. Avoid crashing into other cars since it will cause damage to yours. However, you can push them off the main road using the side of the car. It's a perfect game at friv Games for kids  where racers can have the best training session with realistic 3D graphics and fancy cars.

Join the game of speed, passion, and victory alongside the best racers from all over the world! It doesn't matter how many times you fail. The point is to keep moving forward and drive continuously! Plenty of new options from this category are available for free such as Parking Space and  Parking Fury 3 , so check them out now! 

Instruction to play:

Drive the car using the keyboard.