Kung Fu Street

Show off some cool kung fu techniques with this new game from Friv 2020! Kung Fu fighters always have such amazing kicks and punches coordinated with jumping techniques. Most of them also show swift movements and great speed as well. Will you take on the tasks of a kung fu fighter?

It's a retro street-fighting game with the simplest setting and layout. There is no levels or increase in difficulty. You will fight alone in the middle of a piece of land to defeat all the other fighters who approach you. At the beginning of the game, they will attack you slowly.

Fight off one and two first fighters to learn how to control your character. There are separated buttons for kicks, punches, and jumping, but the tough part is figuring out how to combine these buttons to make the unique moves. For example, kicking and moving towards one direction at the same time will be effective in pushing the enemies away. Or jump up to distract the attention of the enemies and then deliver a hook or kick!

There are endless ways of moving in this kind of games at http://frivclassic.net/. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to defeat the most enemies. Pay attention to the ones with knives and arrows since they can do the most damage to you. Other interesting action games can also make the playtime better such as Punch Man and Outlive The West

Instruction to play:

Use the keyboard to move the character.