Outlive The West

Get ready to draw your gun and shoot down all the other cowboys in this new Friv game: Outlive: The West! This is a fantastic battle game with a brilliant cowboy theme. If you are familiar with the intense shoot down on the desert of the West, you will find this game interesting and captivating.

The first impression must be the elaborated graphics and amazingly drawn characters. Such cool features like 3D graphics and pixelated design contribute greatly to your great experience in the game! There is no one on your team other than yourself.

As a one-man team, you need to move around the Wild West. First, it's crucial to acquire your own weapons as quickly as possible. If you don't move quickly, the others will attack you. The collection of weapons consists of a variety of handguns, rifles, knives and many more! Move your character around the map to search for the hidden items and enemies. Keep in mind that you can also take advantage of the scattered objects to hide from the enemies as well! Look out for the bonuses and helpful items.

With these things, you can win the battle much quicker. The movement of the character resembles the basic movements in other action games but the shooting features are coordinated to add extra fun. More shooting battles with other characters can be found with games like Crime City 3D 2 and Jack's Village at http://frivclassic.net/

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to control the movement of your character.