Bike Trial Xtreme Forest

The latest 3D game from Friv racing games comes with the most realistic settings, amazing mountainous layouts, and cool challenges. Join Bike Trial Xtreme Forest where your balancing skills can be shown with the best bike simulation features.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the awesome graphics but there will also be fun cross bike stages to explore. The main tasks are to jump onto your cross bike and to drive along a forest trail. Of course, there will be obstacles, curves, steep hills and humps scattered around to pose more threats to the adventure.

Only by overcoming one level will you be able to move onto the next one successfully. All players start off from the same starting point and you need to find your own way through this forest trail. Pay attention to the accelerate, speed, velocity and the alert of upcoming obstacles as well.

By joining the drive at, you can enhance your driving skills, balancing techniques and the guts to take up new terrains. More extreme trials and challenges are put into this game to make it more challenging for the bike lovers. There are more driving games updated daily such as Clean Road and Eg Motorcyclists that you can enjoy for free! 

Instruction to play:

use W key or up arrow to accelerate

S key or down arrow to move backward

AD or left and right arrow to tilt the bike.