Clean Road

Cleaning the road is one of the most tiring tasks in the winter at Friv free games. Will you give us a hand in helping the workers wipe out the snow off the road? As the snow covered the whole highway, it will be extremely dangerous to drive here. Some of the cars even got stuck on the roadside and could not get out, which made the situation much worse as there would be more traffic jams and chaos. Can you use your thinking skill to come up with the best way to clean this mess?

Your only vehicle is the truck. Use the movement of it to sway from one part to another and wipe off the snow. First, you should observe the path to know the places where the snow covers the road. Then, move to that place and use the handle to scoop them up. This game at is pretty easy and enjoyable to play, therefore, even small kids can have fun with it. Also, ranking your scores is a must as well.

Keep check of the Leaderboard to see where you stand. It doesn't matter if your truck strays a little bit off the main road, but beware of other trucks to avoid crashing. Just finish wiping off the snow! Other fun games for winter such as Stunt Car Driving Pro and Derby Crash are available for free too. Check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Use A, D keys or arrow keys to move the truck.