G-Switch 3

G-Switch series is back with the third version from Friv online game: G-Switch 3! Again, the game promises intense and high-speed races in the most narrow tunnels. Since it's the new version, you can look out for brand new updates and assorted series of challenges for kids of all ages! The rules and gameplay remain almost the same. It's easy to grasp and fun to explore, which makes it easier for both new and old players emerging into the new world.

The game consists of you controlling your running robot so as to run straight ahead in the tunnel. Your job not only includes avoiding any possibility of crashing into strange objects but also making sure that your character doesn't fall off the screen. Run along the platform and dodge, jump as well as collect items. Also, tunnels rotate from time to time to make it harder to concentrate. The scores are calculated based on the distance which is recorded last.

You can choose to switch on and off some features of the main character as this is the highlight of the game at http://frivclassic.net/. Take your pick from the collection of endless modes here. It's up to you to challenge your buddy, the AI or try to defeat your own previous records. Have a try to see whether your own running robot can manage to reach the furthest checkpoints? Enjoy this carefully designed game on both PC and mobile anytime you want! Some more games from the same category are Stickman Bridge Constructor and Z Day Shootout

Instruction to play:

Tap or click the mouse to play.