Z Day Shootout

In Z Day Shootout, you will have to do all the dirty work. Everybody in town has already been infected with the disease and most have transformed into the zombies. It's your job to shoot down all the zombies in this horror gun shooting game from Friv shooting games! The moment you enter a village, plenty of zombies will approach and try to eat you as the village has been occupied by them.

In order to survive and to protect the people of the village, we need you to stay focus and use your shooting skills. Aim the gun at the zombies and take the shot. A headshot will kill them immediately. It's best to move and shoot at the same time since they tend to attack you more violently if you stand at one place. There will be more disadvantages such as the dark environment and lack of weapons preventing you from eliminating the zombies, but don't be scared! Keep moving and find bullets to reload your handgun.

The best player will be the one with the most endurance and consistency. Don't be distracted for any second because they will jump at you from all directions. It's one of the most intense zombies shooting games at http://frivclassic.net/ with a dark and gloomy vibe. Can you overcome your own fear and protect the villages? Other great shooting games are also available for free such as Bullet Fire 2 and Crazy Shoot Factory 2

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to walk around

Mouse to look around

Left mouse to fire

Right mouse to aim

Mousewheel to change the weapons

R to reload

F to pick up items

Left shift to run

Left Ctrl to crouch

Space to jump.